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At Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning of Tampa we don't play those games. We will tell you the fair price for your
particular job up front then we will do a complete and thorough cleaning of your home without any gimmicks
or hassles. Our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction or we will come back and do it again.

Would you like your carpets to stay cleaner longer? It is frustrating to spend  money for carpet cleaning just
to have your carpets become soiled again within a short period of time and also seem to get worse. At Magic
Touch Carpet cleaning of Tampa we understand, our process actually helps remove excess residue built up
overtime by traditional carpet cleaning methods and insures your carpets will stay cleaner longer. With our
process you will not have to clean them as often saving you time and money. It will also insure your carpets
have a longer lifespan. If you are  tired of the same old run around of Traditional carpet cleaning companies
then call Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning in Tampa today we will be happy to answer any questions you may
Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning Of Tampa
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Baby on carpet
Clean carpet
      Carpet Cleaning Special
       Entire House $199.00
   3 Rooms Plus Free Hall $109
No Gimmicks, No Hidden Charges, No Up Selling, No Hassles
                              Just Clean Carpets
            Includes Deep Cleaning & Free Deodorizer
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pet odor removal
stair cleaning
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                           Pet Odor Removal

Unless you have a pet that can clean up after itself, and who does, you will need a professional to remove
the stains and odor from your carpet and upholstery.  We specialize in pet odor and stain removal. Our
process gets deep into the carpet and padding to remove the bacteria and odor causing germs so your
carpet will smell clean and fresh again. Call Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning in Tampa
for a free estimate today! 813-857-3107
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Breathe fresh life
Upholstery cleaning
Man cleaning upholstery
upholstery cleaning tool
Carpet scrubber
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Uphostery before/after
Tile cleaning before/after
Tile floor
Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning
6119Mangrove Dr.
Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544/33647/

Upholstery Cleaning
Is your Sofa or other upholstery in your house in need of a good cleaning. With kids
and pets playing and jumping all of your furniture not to mention just normal wear
and tear your sofas and chairs can get dirty very quickly.
Never fear, in Tampa Florida just call Magic Touch Carpet cleaning and we will have all your
furniture looking like new again in no time. With our no hassle guarantee you can be sure
to have the best cleaning possible every time.
Sofa, Loveseat & Chair cleaning
         Tile & Grout Cleaning
             .50 cents per sf      
"Let us put the magic touch to your carpet"
Ask yourself a question! Is someone really going to come to my house and clean my
carpets for $79, $89 or even $99? And if they do how good of job will they actually
do? You probably know the answer to both questions. Someone will show up at your
house and try to up sell you until the cost is $300, $400, or even higher and if you tell
them you want the original price they will probably do a quick clean and be out of
your house in 20-30 minutes. The result will be that your carpet will look just like it
did before within a couple of days or weeks.
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